Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 9, 243 lbs.

45 lbs. gone!!  Lanza is doing a happy dance! 

I'm a fat-burning machine, baby!! 

Watch me conquer the big 5-0 next week!!

Today Caroline and Keith, two of the amazing people at Wilson Family Chiropractic who are coaching me while I am on Ideal Protein, asked me about the differences in my life since I started on the diet two months ago.  I decided to share some of my observations on this blog.

A lot more than my size has changed.

Knees:  My left knee is pain-free.  The right knee is still stiff but I am able to climb stairs again without any issues. This is probably the last time I will mention my knees in this blog because they're no longer a problem.  I hardly notice them any more - they're functioning close to the way they're supposed to work.

My skin and hair look great. The crazy acne I've fought for as long as I remember has all but vanished and my hair shines like never before.

I feel good.  Really good.  Not just because I am a smaller size, but because there are fewer toxins in my body.  The foods I am eating right now are low in sugar, carbs, fat and salt.  There are no toxic additives like MSG or aspartame in the food I'm eating.  I also haven't had an alcoholic drink in two months.  I don't think I've eaten this healthy since I was a pre-teen.  I have a general sense of well-being and am more upbeat and happy.

I don't think this upbeat attitude is just because I am wearing a smaller pants size.  I think I feel good because my body is functioning the way its supposed to.  I'm giving it premium fuel instead of that additive-laden crap I had been giving it for so long or over-feeding it.

The weirdest thing is what I am able to accomplish.  Instead of collapsing into a recliner after work or vegging out in front of the TV over the weekends I am getting things done.  Stuff that's been left undone for years is getting completed.  I've reclaimed a room in my house that was a catch-all for junk and clutter and converted it into sparkling-clean den. I painted and redecorated my bedroom.  Clothes are getting folded the same day they're washed, dishes don't sit around in the sink the way they used to and I am making my bed every morning.  I don't even recognize myself anymore.

I actually started out this day planning to watch a favorite movie and take it easy most of the day because I have been working so hard on the house and felt I had earned a break.  Watching a British costume drama and doing nothing else (except snack) used to be one of my favorite weekend activities.

Well, so much for that plan! I couldn't sit still long enough to watch a movie! Instead I found myself pulling all the work clothes that are now too big for me out of my closet. I boxed them up and donated them to a local charity. (In the process I discovered a lot of clothes that used to be too small for me that I can wear now!!)  I also did three loads of laundry and weeded a patch in my garden.

A new me is emerging.  This is the me I was meant to be:  A productive, vibrant person who takes pride in herself and her home.  I truly believe that I was slowly poisioning myself to death before starting Ideal Protein and I never want to go back to that life.

There are people in my life who have only known me as fat and unhealthy.  Nieces, nephews, inlaws and many old friends have never seen me as anything but heavy. Some of the people in my life know I am on a diet, the others I haven't told because I wasn't sure it was going to work when I started this journey.  I also wanted to really wow them if the diet did actually deliver the results it promised. Imagine their surprise when they see my transformed frame for the first time!

Others are in the dark because I felt if I told them I was on a diet, they'd say something snarky or do what they could to discourage or belittle my efforts. 

Tomorrow I am going to ask a co-worker to take a photo of me and am going to post it next to the first photo I posted of myself on this blog for comparison.  I am going to take the blog "live" and let who ever happens to read my FaceBook page in on the secret.  It's time I came out of the closet and shared my story.   I want to encourage others and feel like my results speak for themselves when it comes to the snarky folks.  I'm ready to take the risk and reveal my soft underbelly, so to speak.

Life is too short to waste it feeling sick and depressed.  Life is a precious gift and we're meant to LIVE each moment to its fullest. I have wasted over 25 years of my life sitting in front of the TV, accomplishing very little.  The rest of my life will be spent making up for that lost time.


  1. I'm doing my own happy dance in your honor!!! Another fantastic week Lanza!!! I won't' be able to recognize you when I see you. Here's to your new you and your energy.

  2. I had heard a rumor that you'll be in town and I can't wait to see you (if the schedule permits). I've been needing to bask in the glow of my favorite Queen Bee for a while now!

    Thanks so much for the happy dance. It's really hard to contain myself these days!