Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 12, 234 lbs.

Now that's more like it!!

With a good, old-fashioned scale that uses sliding weights, we're back on track.  I'm now officially down 54 lbs. ... and it's only taken 3 months!

This week my husband said he has trouble telling if I am still in bed when he wakes in the morning because I "don't make as big a hill" in the bed and he hasn't heard me snoring lately.

When I was heavier my snoring had gotten so bad that I was even waking myself up and I wasn't sleeping very well to begin with!  Insomnia, aching joints, problems breathing, and general discomfort kept me from getting the rest I needed.

I've been getting a better night's sleep lately and am waking up feeling rested. Today I actually slept until the alarm. I can't remember the last time that happened. 

My husband and me at a Renaissance Faire
shortly after we started dating.  I was 35 back then.
I am happier and feel better at 44!

Another observation my husband made was about my activity level.  He's noticed that I am having a hard time sitting still in the evenings.  Fifty-four pounds ago I was a zombie when I'd get home from work and did very little on the weekends. In the old days chores would be put off for another day and now they're getting done. 

I can tell my husband is proud of me and he's liking the changes he's seeing in my shape, too.  I can't express how wonderful I feel knowing how much happier we've both become as I've grown healthier.

My husband never complained about my house keeping, my growing size or the things I promised that I was never able to deliver. I think in some ways he was afraid of saying anything because he wasn't sure how I would react.  Let's face it, he had a wife who was morbidly obese, lazy, drank too much and had hormone issues - if I were in his shoes I'm not sure how I'd handle the situation.  Knowing that he stuck with me and loved me through the ugly years and married me when I was at my peak weight (probably over 300 lbs.) makes me appreciate and love him more than ever.

Today we're living in a nicer environment.  I am in the process of reclaiming our home and undoing the damage that six years of neglect have caused.  There are still a couple of rooms in the house that need work, but the rooms that have been reclaimed are staying clean, dusted and looking good.  In a way I see my home as a reflection of my health - as I get better, so does my house!!

This morning as I was getting ready for my weigh-in I realized that I am either right at the size I was when Larry and I met or maybe a little smaller.  This is the woman he met and fell in love with nine years ago - just wait 'til he gets a load of me when I am at the end of this journey!!

The Labor Day weekend approaches.  This weekend I will either be driving to the Texas Coast for a family gathering or hosting my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at my home.  Either way, I will be seeing people who haven't seen me since I began this diet.  I can't wait to visit with loved ones and be able to fully enjoy their company instead of feeling tired or self conscious about my size.

If I end up at the beach, I'll be running and playing with the children. This is the first time in ages I feel young and joyful.  I feel alive for the first time in too many years and have the energy to keep up with the little ones!  I even found an old swimming suit that's in good shape (it was hardly worn) and fits again!!

Because of the holiday weekend, my check-in post will be on Tuesday evening instead of during the day on Monday. 

Have a beautiful week,



  1. Another great weigh in and inspirational post. I'm hoping you get to frolic in the waves with your nieces and nephews this weekend.