Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The video that changed my life!!

Okay, maybe it didn't change my life drastically, but it sure made things in the kitchen a whole lot easier!!

As I've stated more than once on this blog, I have fallen in love with cauliflower!  The vegetable is so versatile that it has become a staple in my kitchen while on Ideal Protein.  A favorite way to prepare cauliflower is to "rice" it.  You can make a fried rice-type dish out of it or you can sautee in a skillet with olive oil and garlic (or whatever seasonings you want to use) and serve it under your favorite sauce/meat instead of rice or pasta.  Other folks on the web suggest steaming the riced cauliflower, but I haven't tried that yet.

I used a cheese grater for my first attempt at ricing.  It took FOREVER and made a godawful mess of the kitchen.  Other methods suggested using a certain blade in a food processor, but I didn't have that equipment handy.  I was resigned to having a messy kitchen until I discovered this resourceful woman on the internet:

How cool is that???  I've tried it twice since watching this video and both times it worked like a charm and the clean up afterwards was a breeze!

One head of cauliflower makes A LOT of rice, which works great for me.  I cook the entire batch in a huge skillet, use what I need for dinner and then take the leftover "rice" to work the next day for my 2 cups of lunch veggies!

Bon appetit!!

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