Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Most Hated TV Commercial - and some thanks.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately.  Between 3 and 4 each morning I wake up, stumble out of bed so I don't wake the sleeping husband or dog, and head to my trusty recliner in the living room.

I pop on the TV, usually to some true-life crime show (I seem to sleep better with those on the TV) and am subjected to this one annoying commercial OVER and OVER again.

The commercial is for a diet pill.  Along with this horrible sci-fi background music that repeats the same three tones over and over again, this pill promises that just by taking this pill you will reduce your body fat.  Never mind the small print that says "Results may vary. Diet and exercise are recomended." This miracle pill will cure obesity all by itself.

Then a screechy-voiced woman gives her testimonial, exclaiming at the end "You just can't do it by yourself!  You just can't!"  

Oh really?

This commercial annoys me on so many levels. The music, the whiney testimonials, the unrealistic promises of magically shrinking fat mass.

Yes, you can do it by yourself!  It takes work, a positive attitude and a willingness to change your life, but you can do it a lot more effectively - and permanently - than some crazy diet pill.

There are so many people out there, refusing to believe how powerful and capable they are to win the battle of the bulge, that they'll jump at the latest magic weight loss cure offered on late night TV.  (I also notice that the ladies giving the testimonials on this commercial don't present any "before" pictures.)

I have two brothers who have also lost a lot of weight this year.  I was talking to one brother last night about the discussions we have when someone notices our improved health and asks what we did to lose the weight.

I went on a strict diet and my brother started jogging and working out at the gym.  Nobody wants to hear those answers.  They want a way AROUND the diet and exercise to get to a slimmer physique.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  There is no magic weight loss fairy.  You have to put on your big girl panties (or big boy pants), take responsibility for your own life and do something yourself.  And if that's not the message you're willing to hear, then stop asking people how they lost all their weight!  And when you go on the diet, stop whining about it and just get on with the task at hand.

You can do it yourself!  You can!

You CAN eat right.  You CAN exercise!  You CAN beat the struggles of a lifetime.  Sure, you may struggle along the way (I have) and there may be set-backs (I've had a lot of 'em).  But let me tell you, YOU are worth the effort.  Start small, change just one habit - just be willing to change the way you look at yourself, your capabilities and the world around you and get started on your own journey.

And be thankful for the miracles around you and give thanks frequently.  Gratitude and focusing on the positives in your life goes a long way in keeping you going.  Be grateful for the sun above if there's nothing else to celebrate, but keep that joy in your heart and more miracles will fall into your life.

In the midst of a horrendous week, I had an unexpected, anonymous gift come into my life. Someone beat me to the bicycle shop and paid for part of my new bike.  I am so touched by the unexpected gift and expression of love.  My guess is the gift came from someone who reads this blog.  So let me take this opportunity to say "Thank you, so much!!"  I am so blessed by the people I am fortunate to know.  I will pay the gift forward one day!   

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