Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 21, 209 lbs.

A pound of butter
When I hear people complain about "only losing one pound" I remind them to look at four sticks of butter.  That's a pound of fat! 

Today, I'm reminding myself of what a pound looks like.  I was hoping to have reached the 80 lb. milestone but instead am one mere pound away from reaching that goal. 

The old me would be discouraged but I can't be too upset with the results.  My fat percentage dropped a little more than 1 point .... and that's much more important than what the scale says!

I stayed on plan all week, didn't push boundaries or cheat and I feel like I am back on track. I could have exercised more, but life interrupted my cycling schedule.

There will be some deviations in the coming week with a funeral, Halloween festivities and the much-anticipated return to the Texas Renaissance Faire - but I am hoping the deviations will be small ones and that I will FINALLY reach the 80 lb. goal.... and beyond!!


  1. Just started Ideal Protein and found your blog. Thanks for the encouragement

    1. Welcome to my corner of the internet! I started this blog because I gained so much encouragement from other IP blogs on the net and wanted to pay it forward! I wish you tons of success and improved health with Ideal Protein! I am blown away, every day at how much my life has changed in just a very short time!