Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Last Blog Post

Gratuitous Selfie
Something funny has happened!

The wonderful people at Wilson Family Chiropractic have offered me a job!  I'm going to help administer the Ideal Protein Diet at their center!

I've felt the calling recently to be a more active source of inspiration and encouragement to others who are looking to transform their life and feel like Wilson is the place I need to be!

I am so excited about this new opportunity and getting started on this new phase of my life!

This is probably the last post on my weight loss blog, but if you stumbled across this blog in an attempt to learn more about the Ideal Protein Diet or how a 300+ lb., 46 year old woman can reclaim a healthy body, click here to go to the first post on this blog and browse around.  

While my weight has fluctuated over the year since I dropped the initial 120 lbs., I've kept most of the weight from coming back on my body.

I am still a size 12.  I am more active than I've been in years (The 200 mile bike tour I just finished was AWESOME) and the depression, self esteem issues and sense of hopelessness are all a thing of the past.

I want to help other "lost causes" feel this good so in two weeks I will be doing just that as my vocation!

Good luck to you in your own journey!

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