Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 55, 164 lbs.

Well, darn.  My body fat ratio and weight stayed put!

I think the dinner out with family at a Chinese restaurant the night before weigh-in stalled my progress. I tried to stay as true to the diet as possible but ate a portion of fried rice without even thinking about it.  At least I didn't lose any ground!

So I'm staying on Phase I this week.  I told my coach that I'd like to get off Phase I but she advised me to stay the course for a couple more weeks to bring down the body fat a bit more.  Her experience is that most dieters gain a few pounds when they graduate to Phase II and beyond and she'd like to see my fat ratio at a smaller number before I move on.

Deep inside, I know she's right so I am going to take her advise. However, I have to admit to being disappointed with her wise counsel. I am anxious to start a more vigorous exercise routine, take longer bike rides, and get on with life.  Patience is a virtue that has never come easy for me.

So for now, I am viewing this chapter in my life as a growth experience.  In looking at earlier posts on this blog, I have to laugh.  Every time I've said that I've been close to some kind of goal or felt that the end of the diet was in the near future, I've encountered a set-back.  There's a lesson in there, somewhere.

Everything happens when it is supposed to happen and very seldom does it happen on MY time schedule.  :)  Time to channel my inner Zen and let things unfold the way they're supposed to ... and learn a bit about patience.

Deep breaths..... deep, patient breaths.

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