Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 53, 164 lbs.

A picture taken of me at this weekend's
reception in my new summer dress.
That "glow" is from sweating like a
racehorse under the track lights!
The past week was grueling. The air conditioning at the art center died a dramatic death - so dramatic that fire engines came to the rescue!

All of the art and people in the center were fine.  The thick, noxious smoke in the basement was due to a freon leak and didn't spread to the galleries upstairs.

Unfortunately, the HVAC system at the center is proving to be difficult to fix and as a result I've been working in an office with little ventilation and summer temperatures climbing outside.  My office gets so warm during the day - or should I say blazing hot - climbing close to 90 degrees in the afternoon!

We ended the week with artists' reception - the lack of air conditioning, blazing track lights and press of bodies made for a sticky, humid event!  Somehow I made it through the reception without melting.

I keep thinking about how I would have fared this week if I hadn't dropped the 124 lbs. over the past year.  Last year, any temp. above 75 degrees had me complaining about the heat and sweating.  This year I am more tolerant of the climbing temps.  75 feels cool and I don't get REALLY uncomfortable until things climb to the upper 80s (even then, I can tolerate the heat with strategically-placed box fans to keep the air moving.)

As I swelter in my office, I am so thankful that I took charge of my out-of-control weight and did something about it.  While the heat is oppressive and makes a long day at work a lot longer, I can only imagine how much more I'd be suffering with 124 extra pounds to carry around!


  1. Hot office=HAWT woman.

    Looking good! And the pounds keep coming off. Rock it.

  2. Thanks, Queen Bee! It was love at first sight when I tried it on!