Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 45, 172 lbs.

Okay, this is weird.  My fat ratio went way down but I went up a pound.  I will admit I wasn't 100% on plan this week, so I know I would have shown more progress if I had stuck to the program.  

The really weird thing is what I am eating when I am off plan.  I am mostly "cheating" with vegetables!  There were a few other items I ate that were off plan, but towards the end of the week I was making a huge salad with kale, mushrooms and pine nuts and eating it after I got home from work.  Talk about a shift in behavior!  In the old days I would have downed an entire bag of chips when I got home from a long day in the office!

I think the extra eating might explain part of why my weight didn't move in the downward direction but my fat ratio did!  I think I am also retaining water, because my water reading was high when my body mass index was taken.

I also ate/drank some items that had a high sugar content early in the week.  Along with touching off some major cravings, I actually FELT the sugar in my veins! It wasn't a good feeling, either.  I felt like my body was filled with sludge. This was a totally new experience.  The sensation underlines how serious I need to be about limiting my sugar intake, especially when it comes to highly processed foods.  My body chemistry doesn't work well with the stuff.

Enough with the what-the-heck happeneds.  I need to get things back in focus. To help me see the importance of staying on track, here are some celebrations:

I have my balance back! Yesterday morning I was in the shower and instead of propping my foot up on the side of the tub to scrub the sole, I stood firmly on one foot and brought the other up closer to my body to wash it!!  When I realized that not only was I easily standing on one foot, perfectly balanced and doing it unconsciously, I was shocked!  Then I also realized that I was doing some kind of yoga-type pose that would have been unthinkable several months ago!!

The annual family campout is this weekend.  Last year I was in so much pain that it kept me from participating in all the activities I wanted to be a part of.  I was also pretty cranky towards the end of the weekend, which I think can be attributed to both my old mind set and the misery I felt in my old body.  This year I face the family campout in a pain-free body with a happier brain and I'm ready to play hard!

This week I found an old bathing suit in the back of a drawer.  I bought the thing about 10 years ago without trying it on.  I just guessed at my size, and in my typical state of denial I picked a suit that was several sizes too small. So I tried it on, surprised that the elastic was still good.  If you ever want to give yourself a good laugh, try on a bathing suit that's way too big for you.  The fit was okay on the top but the bottom half drooped, sagged and looked so bizarre I crumbled in hysterical laughter!  Guess I'll be swimming in cutoffs this weekend!

When I lose my focus, I need to remind myself of each little celebration and how wonderful I feel today compared to how I felt a year ago.  I also need to remember that each deviation from the diet delays me from getting to where I want to be and this diet isn't cheap!  I'm wasting both my time and money when I go off program. I am more powerful than my cravings and I deserve the healthiest body possible.  I'm worth the effort!

I am approaching this week with renewed determination.  I am proud of myself for achieving a smaller fat ratio, but know I could have gone a lot father without the deviations.  I do have a planned deviation for the campout at the end of the week, but if I stay on plan the rest of the time, use my head when I am eating off plan and balance the non-diet foods I consume at camp with good old fashioned exercise, I'll be showing a much smaller number on the scale next week!!

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