Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 40, 174 lbs.

Hooray!  A couple more pounds down and a smaller number on the fat percentage, too.

I finally received the new driver's license in the mail and instead of pairing it to my old photo, which I've done in an earlier post, I thought I'd pair it with another photo I came across this week.

On the left is my old passport photo - I found it when I was desperately trying to find something else in my files.   The picture was taken back in 1997 as I was just starting to pack on the pounds.  As you can see I am slimmer today than I was back then. I am winning a battle I've been fighting for 16 years! 

An old friend who hasn't seen me since about 1996-97 asked me if I was slimmer or about the same size as when they last saw me.  I answered that I thought I was smaller but wasn't sure.  Well, here's the proof - there are a lot of old friends who have never seen me at this size.  I'm quickly approaching my old high school weight - which is mind blowing!

My husband and I are planning a trip to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Dallas in May, so I went through the costumes in my closet to see if I could get back into some of the old costumes I "outgrew," only to discover everything was HUGE on me. 

This included the first really nice bodice I had custom made in 1995.  Back then I asked the seamstress to make it  two sizes smaller than my measurements to hug my female curves and create the ever-desirable wench cleavage.  I wore this bodice for two years before I got so large I couldn't wear it anymore.  The cute little tapestry and leather number hung losely and made me look like Olive Oyl instead of emphasizing my curves. 

So before I leave for the festival in May I am going to have to purchase a bodice for my new, shapely frame!

And speaking of buying something to fit my new frame:  When I first started on the Ideal Protein diet I would reward myself with something fun with every 10 lb. loss.  Sometimes I would be a manicure/pedicure and other times it would be a new pair of pants. I fell out of the habit at some point and haven't rewarded myself in a while.

The car I've driven for the last several years was falling apart.  I told myself a while back that when I was finished with phase I of Ideal Protein, I'd reward myself with a new car.  Well, due to certain circumstances I decided to make the new car my reward for losing more than 100 lbs.  I figure 114 is a good place to say HOORAY and get a new car.

The new car is a MINI Cooper Clubman - A small, sporty car to go with my small sporty frame!! And the photo below reminds me, those pants are too big!  Time to stop cinching them up with a belt (it makes them pooch out!) and get something that fits me!

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