Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 38, 180 lbs.

My drivers license picture - old and new
Plateaus can be frustrating .... and I'd be frustrated if I'm not constantly reminded of how far I've come.  Not only that, but each day I am seeing a change in the way clothes fit or how my body looks. 

It's hard to get down when I feel this good!

This week I got my drivers license renewed. The lady at the DPS who processed my renewal took my photo and then did a double take at her computer monitor. 

She turned her monitor around so I could see it and there in bold color was my old photo next to the photo she just took.  The lady at the next station looked over and said, "What did she do, have a Lifestyle lift?" 

I was going to wait until I got my permanent license with a color photo so I would have a better "now" photo to show, but really wanted to share this comparison - the difference is just too dramatic to wait!

Caroline and Crystal, my coaches, just got back from an Ideal Protein seminar in New Orleans and they had all sorts of new info to share and I am glad they did!  Caroline pointed out that even with my being on what seems like a plateau for the last several weeks that my shape is still changing.  She's right.  While my weight has been at a virtual stand-still, the flesh that's been hanging off my arms, stomach, thighs and other parts is springing into shape.  My waist continues to get smaller, along with my thighs.

So even though I am not seeing the huge drops in weight that I saw when I first started the program, I am getting healthier with each passing day.

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

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