Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 37, 181 lbs.... but I'm celebrating!!

When I started Ideal Protein, not only did I weigh 288 lbs, I also had a body fat percentage of 48%.  Half of my body was fat!

The pounds did increase this week. I think it's because I had a vigorous bike ride earlier in the day and I seem to weigh heavier after rides (I have no idea why) and after the ride I drank a lot of water. I think I still had a lot of that water in my system at weigh-in time.

Even with the weight increase my body fat ratio dropped ... so I am considering this week a successful dieting week! 

Above is the print out from the machine my clinic
uses to measure my body fat.  As you can see, the
fat ratio has been steadily going down.  The chart
above shows the various ranges of body fat ...
I'm aiming for somewhere between 25 - 27% and
am almost to the "acceptable" range!!

At 33.26%, I am just a couple of percentage points away from being in the "acceptable" body fat range!

I have two relatives on the Ideal Protein diet in another town and that center doesn't measure body fat ratio or hydration the way my center does.  

I think it's important for folks on this diet to know that when you're not showing progress in pounds and you've stuck to the plan, especially when you're getting close to your goal - that changes for the better are still happening.  Don't get frustrated!

On weigh-in days I always try to wear the same type of clothes and stick to a set routine.  That way, I am not caught weighing in with a full tummy or wearing a heavy pair of jeans when I usually weigh with an empty tummy and a light pair of slacks.  I want to be as consistent as possible.

This week, I didn't stick to my usual routine and it contributed to a higher number on the scale than expected - and if I didn't have a little gadget checking my fat ratio, I probably would have left the clinic feeling like I did something wrong.  Luckily, the little gadget was there, assuring me I was doing fine.

Besides, I went clothes shopping again this week and was once again amazed at what I was able to get into!  This morning I put on a brand-new size medium (MEDIUM!!!) top with a pair of size 14 crop pants that are getting a bit on the baggy side!!  I'm doing just fine!