Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 30, 186 lbs.

What a way to start a new year!  I am starting 2013 with a sleek new body, more than 100 lbs. lighter than I was when I started this journey a little over seven months ago. (A new photo comparison is coming in the next few days.)
I didn't drop many pounds since my pre-holiday check-in, which didn't surprise me.  I wasn't completely on plan those two weeks and didn't expect great progress.

What blew me away was that my body fat percentage is down to 35%!  That's a huge drop and just four points away from the "acceptable" range.  The end of phase one is just a few weeks away!

During the holidays I knew there would be challenges, and when I indulged in something that was off plan, I worked a bit of exercise into my day so I wouldn't lose any ground.  While Ideal Protein has been an easier diet to follow than others I've found and has worked faster than anything else I've tried, I have come too far and have worked too hard to let the holidays derail my progress.

For the first time in decades I am looking forward to the coming year with a sense of optimism and am making a few resolutions about how I am going to live my life post-diet.

Here are my resolutions for the coming year:
  • I will take classes related to my art medium and enrich my skills
  • I will exhibit my work in public more than once this year (I already have a show scheduled later this month!)
  • When I reach the end of dieting, I will take pride in my appearance.  No more baggy sweatshirts and poorly groomed hair.  (I am already doing this - but I've been so sloppy in the past I'm still a work in progress.)
  • I will exercise regularly, eat healthy and treat my body with respect and love. 
    Self-destructive, unhealthy habits are a thing of the past
  • I will be a source of love and encouragement to others and focus on being more upbeat:  Laugh more, complain less.
May the coming year bring you beauty, success in your endeavors and happiness. 

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