Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 28, 189 lbs.

My diet coach, Caroline, took this photo of me with my "before"
pants when I talked at the Ideal Protein orientation seminar.
Thanks, Caroline!!

99 lbs.  99 lbs!!!  I am within one pound of reaching the 100 lb. mark!!   My fat percentage dropped a BUNCH this week, so I have a lot to celebrate.

At weigh in this week I saw a former boss of mine.  I worked for her several years ago as her executive assistant.  She and I have both struggled with our weight most of our lives and seeing her today reminded me of all the diets we tried together.  Each new year we worked together was going to be the year we got into shape.

There was the "Thin Tastes Better" diet - this one was a low carb number.  You could not eat ANY carbs all day, except for one hour during the day in which you could eat anything at all.   I do not recommend this diet for anyone with binge issues or a background of eating disorders.  Sure, I lost weight the first couple of weeks, but being given an hour a day to eat whatever I wanted was a recipe for disaster. 

We tried so many schemes and diets, but the craziest one we tried was the Cabbage Soup Diet.  We were so malnourished after a week on that diet that we were biting each other's heads off and acting crazy.  I think that was the most miserable I've ever been while dieting.  I pity anyone who happened to do business with us that week!

I could tell that my former boss-lady had dropped a lot of weight from the last time I saw her and I hope she's having the same positive experiences I am having while on Ideal Protein.  This is an amazing, empowering diet. 

Someone asked me this week for advice on how to make a diet work and keep the weight off after you're done.  90% of my success can be attributed to my mind set.  Long before I started this diet I had made up my mind to like myself, regardless of my size.  I also stopped talking down about myself.  I stopped calling myself fat.  All self depreciating comments and insults were removed from my vocabulary.  I did a lot of mirror work - I looked at myself in the eye while looking into a mirror and said nice things to myself.  (This may sound incredibly goofy, but you'd be amazed how hard it is to do when you've spent a life hating yourself.)

Then I found a diet that would work with my lifestyle.  The chemistry of this diet makes sense for me, especially since I come from a long line of diabetics.  (I'm a genealogist, I've tracked the diabetics in my family back to the early 1800s!)  When I signed on for this diet, I did it without doubts about myself and I did it with complete faith that the diet would work.  I believed that the diet would be easy to follow and that I would have great success with it.  The rest just fell into place. 

As for maintaining after I am done dieting, I will go into that with complete faith that I will maintain a healthy body weight for the rest of my life.  There is no room for self doubt or self defeat in my brave new world.  Nothing can make me go back to the old way of living - life as it is today is so much better than it ever was before. 

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