Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 13, 232 lbs.

All things considered, two pounds is amazing progress.  I didn't loose any ground and the change in the scale's reading was in the right direction.

My husband's mother and sister came to visit this weekend and the house guest situation presented some challenges with my diet.

Before the company arrived I was having a great week, diet-wise:  I got into a pair of pants I wasn't able to squeeze into two weeks ago.  For the first time in a while I was shocked when I glimpsed myself in a full length mirror because my dimensions have changed dramatically.... again! 

I was sure before the weekend hit that I was going to have a five pound loss this week. 

Then the relatives arrived. We had a great visit and I enjoyed getting to know my husband's family better.  It was a wonderful weekend.

However, with eating out and playing hostess it was all but impossible to stick to the diet.  I had two days plagued with deviations from the diet that I couldn't avoid.  We took the family to the touristy-fun restaurants and, of course, many of those places didn't serve diet-friendly items.  I applied the food knowledge I've gained since starting Ideal Protein to pick the "skinniest" items on the menu.  There were also some treats offered that I didn't feel I could diplomatically turn down. All in all I am proud of myself for sticking as closely as I could to plan in spite of the difficulties.

Now that the company has departed and our lives are back to their normal rhythm, I am back 100% on Ideal Protein and moving towards a slimmer, healthier me! 

It did make me feel wonderful when my in-laws said nice things about the way I look now.  And I could have walked on air when my husband expressed how proud he was of me and gave me moral support/encouragement after the weekend was over.

This week, it is my intention to stay on track with no deviations, ride my bike, drink tons of water and reach for the maxium five pound loss!  I know I can do it!!



  1. A loss is a loss! Great job, Lanza! I'm still trying to recover from a week ago from being out of town. Thankfully I was able to maintain this weekend but still have some catching up to do. Glad you had a great visit.

    1. Exactly! A loss is a loss - and even though the scales aren't showing huge progress, the shape of my body is! I'm staying on course this week and know I'll have a bigger number to show on my next update. (It's getting to be a sort of game.)

      I'm glad you maintained through a family gathering, too! It can be a challenge!! Someone told me how wonderful and beautiful you looked during the weekend and it made me smile!