Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here's Scarlett!

Scarlett on her first day of school. I love this picture!
She's 60 pounds of Awesome!
This is my beautiful, talented and incredibly bright niece, Scarlett.

Why am I posting a photo of my niece on my blog about dieting?

Yesterday, when I was to my brother (Scarlett's dad) about diets and fitness, my latest milestone came up and he told me that Scarlett just had a check up and weighed in at exactly 60 lbs.

So I have shed the equivalent of a small person - namely Scarlett - from my body!

It made my day to have something tangible to look at in relation to what I've accomplished so far!!

I have to say, I love my brother for many reasons - but he really made me glow with what he told me yesterday!!

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