Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 8, 247 lbs.

A picture I took of myself to put on
my FaceBook profile.  In the past I've
avoided putting up a current photo of
myself on FB, but I am finally recognizing
myself again and ready to face the world.
41 Pounds!
Let me say that again.
I lost SIX pounds this week!  I am still stunned each week at how fast the weight is falling off!

Not only that but I have now reached the 240s and am eligible to give myself another reward!  I'm thinking it's going to be another mani/pedi. I've been having a lot of fun keeping my nails painted and looking nice.

This week a friend I hadn't seen in a few months stopped by my office and as we were talking she kept looking at me funny.  Finally she said, "I'm sorry, I keep trying to figure out what's different.  Have you had work done?"

I told her I was down 40 pounds (at that time I only suspected that I'd hit the big 4-0!)  That led to a discussion about Ideal Protein and what the program involved.  She has recently gained a lot of weight, is frustrated that it came on so quickly and thought she might try it, too.

As I explained the program, it was funny to watch her reaction.  She could see the changes in me and that the diet was doing wonders (I've been obese as long as she's known me) and while she was supportive of my own efforts, she was really indignant about the structure of the diet.  She didn't like the idea of drinking lots of water and the 2 cups of veggies with the noon and evening meals. 

"Yuck! Salads!" she said.  I tried to tell her there was more to eat than leafy greens but by then she had already shut down.  Even though she knows she should be drinking more water (we've discussed it several times before) she says she "hates" water and refuses to find a way to keep hydrated.

She also didn't like the idea of giving up her favorite treats and came up with several other reasons to down the program. Finally, I said to her that I didn't think the diet would work for her, that even though she wants to loose the weight, she's not in the right frame of mind to go on a routine like mine.  If she doesn't want to drink water, eat veggies or change any of her habits, then she'd better embrace those pounds she's gained and get used to carrying them around.  I think she was surprised at my response to her.

I am not going to listen to someone trash a diet that I know is working miracles for me, especially when that person doesn't know the first thing about the program, nor is willing to listen to any in-depth explanations.  While I know my friend wants to loose her excess weight and that she would benefit greatly from the program, she hasn't gotten to the point where she's willing to give up the habits that have added pounds to her frame.  It's not up to me to change her mind.  That's her job.

So, fast-forward to today:  The diet counselors I am working with at the center, Caroline and Crystal,  are both people I have known for a good portion of my life. I consider them friends and their support has been amazing over the last 8 weeks.  It took both of them to lift a 40 lb. vest onto my shoulders so I could feel the heft of the weight I've lost so far.  When they put that vest on me I couldn't  believe how heavy it was.

40 lbs. is huge!  I'm surprised my knees worked at all when I was at my peak weight!  When I felt the reality of that weight back on my body, I can understand why this early into the program I already feel so much better.  I am walking with less pain, I have so much more energy and I have an all-around sense of well-being.

I truly believe in letting myself grow obese, I was playing with fire.  Diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure run in my family.  My father died at a young age from a stroke.  With that kind of genetic history, paired with some recent health issues and knowing how bad I was feeling 41 lbs. ago,  I know Ideal Protein is saving my life.

As I stated at the beginning of this journey, I joined Ideal Protein for nobody else but myself.  What others think or feel about the program is their issue, not mine.  My results speak for themselves.


  1. Holy shit!

    I mean, Wow! Congrats! That is a huge milestone, and the picture really shows your hard work is paying off. Keep it up!

  2. I think those two words came out of my mouth recently, too! I can't believe how fast I am able to take off all this weight I've been carrying around for so long!

    Thanks for the congratulations. At this rate I should be at my goal by Christmas! Wouldn't that be something?

  3. You and your RESULTS are AWESOME!!! Your hard work is paying off and I'm so happy you are feeling it. Sometimes you need to make some big changes in your life to get big results and you have done that. Your results do speak for themselves!!

  4. Thank you, Queen Bee! It's the results that are keeping me motivated. I should have made these changes years and years ago. As of today, I am fitting into a pair of pants I haven't worn in at least 6 years! I did make a lot of changes in my life aside from the things I'm eating and I think being willing to make those changes are what's making me successful.

    I hope you're having some of your own victories, too!