Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 7, 253 lbs.

The weight keeps falling off!  Another 5 pounds are gone, bringing me to a total loss of 35 lbs!!

When I started the program I had a body fat ratio of 47.67%.  Today my body fat ratio is 44%.   ( 24% is considered fit.)  People are finally noticing the changes.  Most of the clothes in my closet are too big.  The pants I bought two weeks ago are loose, even though I purposely bought them too small.  My right knee continues to improve and I am hoping within the next week or two the pain will be a thing of the past.  (I did climb a flight of stairs this week without being aware of my knees!)  I feel so good, energetic and am still stunned every time I step on the scale.

Even though I did loose 5 lbs this week, I have to be honest about something I'm not too proud of:  I cheated.  I did a favor for someone and they thanked me by giving me a big plate of locally made petit fours (small square cakes).  At first I did the right thing and put the treats in the breakroom at work so other people would eat them, but later in the day I had to pass by the kitchen and there were several beautiful cakes left. I ate two.  The inner defiant child rose up and said, "Those were given to ME!  I should be able to enjoy them!"  As we all know, temper tantrums only hurt the person who throws them.

I was so mad at myself for eating those tiny treats after all these weeks of hard work. Why torpedo myself now, after I've come so far?  For a while I was able to rationalize and tell myself that they were small treats.  They couldn't do THAT MUCH damage, right?  Well, the truth was in the numbers this week.  I lost more lean mass that fat mass this week, meaning the body was consuming muscle mass instead of fat to create energy.  That little bit of sugar was enough to cause my pancreas to wake up and start storing fat on the body again! 

Come to think of it, the day I ate the sugar I was exhausted after work and took a long nap the minute I got home.

Those little cakes were not worth it.  I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would, they didn't make me feel any better and the two days worth of guilt and frustration are something I don't want to revisit. 

So I am back on track.  Today is a new day and as of 5:06 pm, I have stayed true to the program and to myself.  Once again, I am a successful dieter!

By the way, I did give myself my 30 lb. reward.  Not only did I get a pedicure, I got a manicure and had my eyebrows waxed, too!  Except for having my eyebrows yanked out, it was bliss!  With my shrinking body and painted nails, I feel like a building undergoing renovations!

I have to start thinking about my next reward.... at this rate I'll reach the 40 lb. mark by next week!!  (Especially if I stay away from the sweets!)



  1. Awesome progress Lanza! Congrats and you deserve the mani/pedi. :)

  2. Thanks, Jenni! I've already decided that a mani/pedi will be my 40 lb. reward, too. My feet still need help!