Friday, July 13, 2012

There was a photo of me in the paper this week...

....and I didn't flinch when I saw it!! 

My picture ends up in the paper a couple of times a year.  I am the manager for a local art center, serve on the Historical Commission and am an officer for the local downtown business association.  As a result, I am quoted or photographed in regards to various events and I usually am horrified by the results.

This week I have been busy coordinating a huge exhibit in the Art Center for the Kerr County Historical Commission (which is why you haven't heard much from me this week).  Reporters from the local paper came out to interview me and the two gentlemen who helped me put the exhibit together.  As we were answering the reporter's questions, a photographer was busily snapping candid photos and this is the result:

It is not a flattering angle.  I wasn't posed or ready to have my photo taken.  Frankly, I would have "sucked in" and stood up straighter if I knew this shot was being taken.  Even considering all that, I didn't mind seeing this picture on the front page of the Lifestyle Section this week.  The photo shows that I haven't been kidding myself.  I really DO have a waistline again, my stomach is smaller and the 24 lbs I've lost have made a difference in the way I look!

Today something happened that made my day.  One of the center's volunteers called to say she had seen my picture in the paper and said that both she and another volunteer noticed I had lost some weight.  The funny thing is that the other volunteer is an elderly woman who has said unkind things about my weight in the past. (Not directly to me, usually through the gossip chain or where she thought I was just out of ear shot.)

When one of your biggest weight critics takes notice of the change and has a compliment to go along with the notice, rejoice in the moment.  That's what I chose to do, anyway.  I try not to take the barbs from the center's volunteers too personally.  A lot of these ladies have adopted me as a surrogate daughter or grand daughter and I know their earlier comments about my weight was coming from a place of concern about my health.

That was the first time someone said, "You're loosing weight" instead of asking "Are you loosing weight?"  Most of the comments I have been getting are about how good my skin looks or that they like what I am doing with my hair (which hasn't been cut in way too long) so I know people are seeing a change, but they don't know exactly what it is.

Tomorrow is the reception day for the history exhibit.  I need to study the closet and see if there's something extremely flattering and fun to wear.

Now, if only I could figure out what to do with all these chocolate bars people are giving me all of a sudden!  I need to get them out of my desk.... I have will power and have been strong so far, but a large size gourmet chocolate bar would test anyone's resolve!! 

None of the people who have given me the chocolate know I am on a diet and I didn't have the heart to tell them. But it figures that the month you start a strict diet is the same month that folks decide you need to be showered in chocolate!!

Have a wonderful day,

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