Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 2, 276 lbs!!

Monday.  Weigh-in day!

I started this week with doubts and a lot of determination.  I wasn't sure how the restrictive diet would fit into my lifestyle or if it would deliver the results that were promised. I've been down the diet road so many times and a small part of me was skeptical about this diet. 

I took one day at a time and each day brought new challenges.  I stuck to the diet, drank tons of water and each day was so proud of myself for sticking with the plan.   On Wednesday I was so hungry that my mouth was watering at commercials on TV.... that was the hardest day this week.  A small voice in the back of my head told me to take a spoon to the peanut butter jar, but I ignored it.

After Wednesday things got a lot easier and I started to see changes in the way my clothes were fitting.  My clothes getting looser?  Already?  Impossible!  It must be wishful thinking, right?  I had more energy in the evenings and found myself vacuuming before bedtime and folding clothes after dinner when I am usually too tired to do anything but vegetate in front of the TV.

I thought the scale in my husband's bathroom was wrong.  It was showing a 10 lb. loss. I was afraid to get my hopes up.  But then, I put on a pair of a pair of jeans that were almost too tight to wear earlier this month and they went on easily.  Not only that, there was a little more wiggle room around the thigh area - room that was never there before.

This afternoon, when I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office I had a shock!  The scale read 276 lbs!!  12 lbs. less than it read last Monday!  The diet coaches told me to expect a loss of 3-5 lbs. so I was about floored to learn I lost over 10 lbs. in a week!   I wanted to question the results and jump and dance for joy all at the same time!

The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." - Mark Twain

I found the quote above on someone else's blog and it defines the way I am dealing with this diet.  Each day is a new day, a manageable length of time.  Today I focused on sticking to the diet.  I am not concerned with what happened yesterday and am not worried about how I am going to face tomorrow.  Today, I am successful at dieting and losing weight.

I am making a conscious effort to approach this with a postitive attitude.  I am not telling myself that losing 145 pounds is going to be hard or impossible, instead I am telling myself "I am losing weight" or "when I get to my goal..."   My eye is on the prize and the prize is a healthy body that's not suffering in a prison of excess weight.

I am also not whining about the foods I can't eat.  I have a job to do and I don't have time to waste for pining over the wine I can't drink or the half and half that's missing from my coffee.  I still love those luxuries and they'll still be there when I have achieved my goal and have learned a healthier way to enjoy those luxuries.  I am not being deprived.  This diet is my choice and my life is going to be so much richer when my work is done.

I am excited about the journey ahead!  I can't wait to see what the scale says next Monday. My goal is a 5 lb. loss .... but if I am down another 10-12 lbs, I'll take that, too!!!

More soon!



  1. That is awesome!! You are off to a great start! One day at a time.