Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Victories

It amazes me how much progress I've made in a short time.  Every day brings little victories that keep me enthused and motivated.

A favorite ring that was too tight slipped on without a problem this morning.
People keep complementing me on how good my skin looks.
Someone complemented me on my eyes for the first time in about 10 years.
Clothes are fitting better.
I have more energy for chores in the evening.

And the one thing my ears have been aching to hear was finally said!

I got my first "Hey, are you loosing weight?" question today!  Not many people have noticed the difference.  Before I had started the program I had already lost a few pounds but none of the people who see me every day noticed and they haven't noticed the 12 lbs. I dropped over the last week.  The person who finally noticed hasn't seen me in a several months, so it was a more drastic change to her than someone who sees me every day.

I am doing this weight loss for myself, independent of anyone else's opinions.  That's why I haven't told many people about being on the Ideal Protein diet or this blog yet.  Even so, it's nice to hear "Are you loosing weight?" from someone else.  Totally made my day!

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